Art allows you to tell a story through a variety of elements. This project focused on each dimension of art and how it can feed off of each other. 

Starting out, we were given a piece of paper and a pencil to create a black and white drawing of an emotion. I chose to demonstrate the difference between chaos and down time, within daily life, using shapes and inspirations from my bedroom.  

The next step was to create a single word that reflected what I was trying to convey. I chose "Relax". Using this word, we were then supposed to create the emotions from the drawing in a 3D representation. Using slinkies, I spelled out the word "Relax" and contrasted it by placing the sculpture on a rigid railroad track. 

Finally, using what we had already created, it was time to bring the emotions to life using sound. Within my piece, you will hear the dynamics of the chaotic side of life while also getting a peak into the relaxed down time.