Within my Strategic Communications major, not only was PR an important aspect, but it allowed for a focus on journalism as well. Throughout my education, I have had experience writing personality profiles, and time sensitive pieces such as news stories.

Finding ways to create a story while still educating the reader is something that intrigues me about journalism. This piece focuses on the personality profile of a student broadcaster and how she became such a well known woman on campus. 

Commonly in journalism, writing focuses on what is happening in the news and what is being thought about through the minds of many. This is an example of a piece of writing dealing with campus news and what everyone was talking about. 

Journalism has opened the door to writing in different styles. With my knowledge from journalism, I have been able to take on various opportunities that have been presented to me. For example, through my internship with Cincy Chic, a lifestyle publication, I was given the chance to guest blog for an event happening on Miami University's campus: Miami University Fashion Week! 

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