With social media becoming the norm, marketing has become more and more online media based. Throughout my time at Miami Preserve, I had the privilege of creating promotional videos for our marketing campaigns. 

Being a Strategic Communications major, I was also educated on producing and editing films. This helped when the opportunity came up to create short films for my job as well.


Below are some examples of the work I have done.

Be Yourself... Always

The Strategic Communications major at Miami University allowed for a broad range of learning. One of my favorite classes was film studies. The class taught fundamentals to creating origional short films and looking for specific features in current films. Here is one of my favorites that I produced.

Preserve Your Future at Miami Preserve

Throughout my two years at Miami Preserve, I had the privilage of going beyond my job title, as Leasing Agent/Community Assistant, and broadening my skill set, one of which was media. Here is the Miami Preserve promo video that I was given the opportunity to co direct and edit.

Silly Mondays at Miami Preserve

As a Leasing Agent/Community Assistant at Miami Preserve, marketing was a huge part of my job. I enjoyed going on campus and interacting with fellow students to have a good time and do some branding in the process. Here is a compilation I edited of a fun day of marketing for our social media pages.

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